I'm struggling with the external annotations, and am pretty much ready to just delete them all and deal with it in the code. I have a Maven based intellij project. I am importing a second Maven project into that project. When I do this, I'm not able to compile the second project, because it doesn't see any of the annotations.

Setting the ‘External Annotations’ in the module’s Paths tab does nothing.

Copying the annotations from the sub project into the first project does nothing.

Everything compiles fine when run from Maven, because it’s using the pom’s annotation path. But in the IDE, the annotations appear to be ignored.


Well, it turns out that it didn't really matter, because once I removed the annotations and fixed up the code, I completely lost the ability to debug. Completely removing the subproject allowed for debugging (of course, no debugging of the subproject for other reasons).

A stack trace was logged (486694)


Hello, Jon

Can you provide both version of your projects?

Thanks, Zalim