Broken Source Paths Gradle Problem

Hello. At first, this sucks, and I lose my hairs because of this!!!

Library Gradle: androidx.arch.core:core-runtime:2.0.0@aar has broken classes path: /home/yunus/.gradle/caches/transforms-2/files-2.1/41737ee1a58ba99703dbcac20accfca6/core-runtime-2.0.0/res [Fix]

I have 28 of this errors! But how can I fix it? I dont get it!!!
I find nobody in the internet who can help me, even for money!!! Google didnt solve it, I tried EVERYTHING, I swear by god!

Who can help me via Zoom or Teamviewer I pay you some paypal money!
And when the problem is because of Linux I will give a fuck on Linux and go back to Windows.
Can not continue working because of this shit since days!



  1. Close IDE, delete .idea directory from the project (back it up to not lose something important)
  2. Delete /home/yunus/.gradle/caches/
  3. Reopen the project, do a Gradle import

Please follow