Can kotlin.collections.emptyList() use java.util.Collections.emptyList() under jvm?


I am developing a RMI server in Kotlin, and a client SDK in Java. The client SDK includes all necessary business classes. When I do tests, the client side raises exception:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: kotlin.collections.EmptyList

I already avoid using kotlin.collections.emptyList() in my code, but finally I found there are plenty usage in other library, for example:

public fun <T> Iterable<T>.toList(): List<T> {
    if (this is Collection) {
        return when (size) {
            0 -> emptyList()
            1 -> listOf(if (this is List) get(0) else iterator().next())
            else -> this.toMutableList()
    return this.toMutableList().optimizeReadOnlyList()

I have a walkaround by check every List instance and transform it if necessary, but the object tree is complex, so it’s hard to do so in practice.

BTW. so is emptyMap() and others.