Can not display data into the listview


Thank yu so much @forinil2 , now its working, Jah Bless i got the problem of formatting json stuff on server , :rofl::rofl::rofl: sorry for getting banned partner , i will never face this issue again


Have 2 solution

  1. using GSON lib convert string json to Json Object first so you can got array json object.
    Than you get do the same you loop


Thank yu @nemo my question solved , can yu share the link of how to use gson in kotlin


Dear @uwe_van,
GSON so nice lib for convert object to string and string to object class, its so best way to match model with JSON object.


Thanks , will glad to have tutorial vids on Gson


When you use JSONObject, you can use opt* methods instead of get* methods to read value safely. But I also strongly recommend to use library like Gson. In addition, also you can install a plugin to create java class for JSON object automatically. I believe this will much help your job.


Just a hint, maybe you know it already: Instead of putting many breakpoints, I typically put only one and step through with the debugger (typically F8 on the keyboard).