Compile error in one of Test.kt in Koans

In this Koan

there’s a compile error
Error:(10, 62) Assigning single elements to varargs in named form is forbidden

    @Test fun testMostExpensiveDeliveredProduct() {
        val testShop = shop("test shop for 'most expensive delivered product'",
                customer(lucas, Canberra,
                        order(isDelivered = false, products = idea),
                        //                                    ^ HERE!!
        Assert.assertEquals("getMostExpensiveDeliveredProduct".toMessage(), reSharper, testShop.customers[0].getMostExpensiveDeliveredProduct())

Why is this error occurring?
And could anyone please fix this, since I cannot modify it?

The kotlin-koans on is not updated to fix this bug,
The kotlin-koans on is, see here.

You can work around this bug by setting the version to 1.2.71 on the bottom-right.

Issue is
(I placed a comment on it)

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