Compiling native coroutines dependency on unsupported arch

I was working on a KN project intended for linuxArm, using coroutines-core (1.4.21) and using the macosX64 target for development on my MacBook. I was devastated when I went to finally compile for linuxArm that Gradle spit a bunch of errors that was, basically, coroutines-core does not have linuxArmXX variants.

I had previously compiled and ran a project without coroutines for the linuxArm32 and linuxArm64 targets and ran the binaries successfully on my RPi 3 (linuxArm).

Roman Elizarov himself states that one can compile for an alternate architecture on a host machine from sources: Coroutines are not built for arm ( targets linuxArm32Hfp and others) · Issue #855 · Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines · GitHub

How would I do this? I have a basic understanding of Gradle and I can gcc a command line “helloworld”, but compiling an entire KN dependency from sources … ? Seems like alchemy.

Things I have tried:

  1. On my MacBook downloading the Github repo for coroutines source and staring at it