Default implementation for expect in Multiplatform / Issue Priority


Is there any way to tell the priority of an Issue? I am currently having to deal with this one quite often as I am trying to write a library for machine learning using an evolutionary algorithm (I know there are probably 100.000 better implementations out there, but where is the fun in that :wink: ).

I want parts of it to work both on JS and Java and this issue with the default implementation for expect in classes is really slowing me down, as I have to create quite a lot of duplicate code.
Is there any way to tell the priority of this issue? This would help me a lot. Thx :slight_smile:


Had you vote it?
Click on “Voters :+1:” (requires authentication)


Yeah, I have. I was just wondering if there is any way to tell the prioritization of an issue, except for the number of votes. How much influence do the community votes have anyways?


Look from highest to lowest priority for

  1. Target versions
  2. State (“In Progress”)
  3. Assignee

If none of these is present, nothing is happening yet.
Don’t forget to take a look at the history, which at least shows some interest.