Dev env question



I am looking for a way to run all tests (compiler, etc) outside the IDE, but I haven’t found anything in the ant build files. Is it possible to run the tests outside the IDE? If I understand correctly, TC also runs the tests with the idea configuration.



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Unfortunately, there is no way as easy as running tests from IntelliJ IDEA. TeamCity runs test via JPS, the part of IDEA which handles building project and running tests. JPS doesn’t have convenient interface yet (see discussion of IDEA-119784). You can try to invoke tests via junit Ant task, but this will require some effort to configure it.

Why is running tests from IntelliJ a problem for you?


Hi Evgeny,

No big problem for me. One reason is that IDE independence is a nice thing, the other (better) reason is that I’d like to to automagically test my patches in my CI environment and I only have a junkins for that. I will try to do something with ant.

Thank you,