Difference between Kara and Yested


can anybody explain me in an simple way whats the difference between yested and kara? as i understand both are a framework for generating javascript code. right now i am thinking to rewrite a GWT project with kotlin and don’t know whats the best way to start.


Kara is a regular Web framework that runs on the server and supports generating HTML (and does not include any special support for generating JS, to the best of my knowledge). Yested is a JavaScript framework that runs on the browser and supports developing single-page Web applications.

Note that GWT is far more mature and full-featured than either Kara or Yested, so you should make sure that the Kotlin frameworks support the functionality that you need before you embark on a rewrite.


thanks for the info, everything clear now.

i am aware about the fact that GWT is more mature, but i did not use it so detailed, i just wanted to avoid writing javascript and using a static typed programming language, and with kotlin i see that i can do everything i did with GWT. in contrary: deserializing json in the client to the same dto that was used on the servier works much better with kotlin than with GWT.