Exceptions handling in workers coroutines

Hey there! I was trying to find an answer to this, but I am not sure quiet I understand, so I chose to ask it here, more specifically.
Currently, I have an architecture of a producer coroutines that produce jobs, and send it to a queue.
I have workers coroutines, that each one of them recieve jobs from this queue.
Each job can throw numerous types of exceptions.
Now, I don’t want that when one exception is thrown in a worker, all of the other workers will fail too.
I want to handle it only in that specific worker, while all the other workers continue to run.
But currently I know that if one worker fail and have an exception, all the others workers will fail too.

it looks kind of like this (from the amazing kotlin docs):

val producer = produceJobs()
repeat(5) { launchWorker(it, producer) }

I would appreciate any good direction. thank you very much!

Define a scope for each worker, see https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/coroutines/coroutine-context-and-dispatchers.html