How to ignore a function on a certain platform


is there a way to ignore some function for a (native) module in kotlin multiplatform?

For example, in my project I use a builder pattern to create objects.

public interface Item {
   public class Builder public constructor() {
      build(): Item

I also had a function that builds objects directly:

public inline fun Item(block:Item.Builder.() -> Unit): Item =

On the native side, I get the following error when compiling via ``inkNative`.

C:\Users\userAppData\Local\Temp\konan_temp17622933961793322562\api.cpp:486:17: error: duplicate member 'Item'
              } Item;
C:\Users\userAppData\Local\Temp\konan_temp17622933961793322562\api.cpp:233:59: note: previous declaration is here
              lib_kref_package_data_Item (*Item)lib_kref_kotlin_Function1 block);