How to write a GetById Query to return a Object?

I want to select a certain element out of my database and compare it to another value obtained in my activity, the problem is I do not know how to obtain the element without it being a livedata.

I have no problem in writing queries and all the database stuff, but I do not quite get how to return the pure Object out of my db ?
I am able to return a LiveData object, but then i can only access the value inside the observer and I cannot compare it to anther LiveData object value.
When I try to return the pure element without having a LiveData object, I have to call a coroutine and I can only return a Job and not the actual element.

If someone understands my problem, I would be very happy, if there are further questions just ask.

I am stuck at this problem for a few days and looked up everything I thought of, but somehow I am missing something.