IDEA forgets annotation path

I'm currently toying with Kotlin, libGDX and Gradle. I've posted some instructions to get Kotlin and libGDX working for those interested.

One annoying thing though is that after every refresh/sync of the Gradle based project (and sometimes apparently after simply running the project) IDEA somehow forgets the path to the nullability annotations and shows a bunch of errors. When using the intent to mark a certain method call as non-nullable on an arbitrary error, IDEA will ask for the annotation path. After resetting the annotation path to the already existing annotation path, all (previously) set annotations are found and everything’s okay again.

It does not appear that the annotation path is saved in some project-specific file, right? Do you know of a work around?

It’s not a big deal but still a little bit annoying.

This issue is already reported

Thanks for the pointer. I've subscribed to the issue. The related discussion happend fairly recently even, how could I oversee it :).