Is Kotlin good as my first "real" Language?


JS is a toy ? Security ? Crashing ?
Today JS is the only portable UI platform (hello Chromium). For example (but bad example) Skype is written in js (thats why is so heavy and slow).

And wery wide client apps done in JS.


Slow == bad. People dislike slow. And JS is by far not the only portable format, just the crappiest.


Do you think java is slow ?


Yes. I do. Done this, compared this and that, and in anything what is of concern to me, it’s among the slowest.


It is … Or maybe I miss something ?

Btw, you are typing now in a client JS app…


Interesting… Is Kt faster ?


Not that I can help it. It’s sluggish, but it works. My typing is slower that what it can do, but that is not relevant factor to what my apps need to do - they’re non-interactive until they represent results.


Java vs Kotlin? Or my code vs anything?


Nice, please provide a faster program (one which is faster then the same in java). I’d like to see…


That’s not hard to do… A basic hello world fits the bill.


Cool, if it is not hard , please provide.


… You don’t know how to write hello world?


My hello world are faster in java, then in Kt. Thats why I ask you.


Let’s ignore compile time. And put the hellos in, say 1 million iterations loop, timed.


Externally timed.


This is how you measured that Kotlin faster, right ?


For me compilation time matters none, only the execution part. Well, compilation could be faster… As recompilations occur every few minutes…


And no, it wasn’t, it the project I’m rebuilding to new language.


Hey there and thanks for your answers!
To sum it up: Kotlin is good as my first language. Java and C# could also be good, more or less.
I even considered C# as i told you. Because i am mainly on Windows systems at the moment, but Kotlin provides solid fundamentals here too.
C and C++ are also nice, but harder to learn and even harder to master.

I think my initial question ins answerer :slight_smile:
I didn’t want to start a rumble in here :stuck_out_tongue:


And what is your numbers ?