Java 9 StackWalker

Hi, I don’t seem to see how I can use the Java 9 StackWalker features. If anyone has any ideas or explanation why it may not be available, I’d be delighted to hear :slight_smile:
StackWalker javadoc

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You should explain what problems do you get. Otherwise the question is too broad.

Im not at a PC right now but it didnt seem to exist as a type to reference/use is what i meant :slight_smile: if you need any particular details from the pom.xml ill be glad to supply them

Probably you’re using Java 8 for your project.

I have set <kotlin.compiler.jvmTarget>9</kotlin.compiler.jvmTarget> in my pom.xml and i still get Unresolved reference: StackWalker

Just write java -version or java --version in the command line.

Ah yes, that is java 8 there indeed. That would explain it, thank you :slight_smile: been all over the place with my dissertation deadline being tonight so i had completely forgotten to check the system java version

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