Kotlin Support for Java 9 Module System?


:mega: :modular artifacts are going to be a part of Kotlin 1.3.20.
I’ve created an example project to show how to use jlink with these modular artifacts: https://github.com/ilya-g/kotlin-jlink-examples. Since 1.3.20 is not released yet, the example depends on the 1.3.20-eap-25 version of the artifacts.



Thanks for the examples.
Gradle 5.1 released. Can’t we get rid of mavenLocal?



Can you clarify how is this related? I’m not aware of any improvements in 5.1 that could make it possible.



Just a question. I saw there is a limitation that you say it’s from Gradle project’s side:

**Caveat **: there’s a problem in Gradle with depending on a library project in modular Java environment. To workaround that we have to publish that library artifact first to mavenLocal, then depend on that library in mavenLocal by its artifact coordinates.

Also saw Gradle project has been updated. So I guessed it may have been solved.



I’ve found the way to depend on a modular library in Gradle without publishing it to mavenLocal first. The issue was in java-library plugin.
So I’ve updated the gradle example (https://github.com/ilya-g/kotlin-jlink-examples/tree/master/gradle) and now it works fine without publishing.