Kotlin to support package protected visibility

Nice summary and some good arguments. I really appreciate a lengthy write-up and a conclusion that tries to draw from a larger picture of the discussion up to this point. :smile:

Some meta comments about this topic

Consuming a long forum topic like this one is cumbersome and often falls into a feedback-loop of people petitioning for their position instead of contributing new or meaningful discussion. I think organizing the discussion is important to avoid this topic becoming a mega-topic.

I’d like to encourage anyone who skimmed through this topic and gets an urge to petition for or against this feature, please don’t “make more noise” for the sake of noise :slight_smile:

Has this topic become a mega-topic? Is it worth summarizing the major points (and pro/cons) and then closing to help the discussion progress? In order to keep the meta-discussion away from this topic, feel free to reply to this specific post here instead: Please close the mega topics (ternary and companion objects)