Kotlinx-io release schedule

Will new versions of kotlinx-io be released soon? The latest release is 0.1.16, but master appears to have changed a lot since 0.1.16.

I’m having some problems with 0.1.16, and I want to gauge if I should wait for a new release, or try to work around the issues with 0.1.16…

Thanks for any info.

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I can answer that since it was discussed a lot. The 0.2.0 version won’t be ready for some time. The design is not finished yet. Still, there is a lot of work being done and current version is workable. You can build it yourself, or you can use my fork: https://bintray.com/mipt-npm/dev/kotlinx-io. please note that while fork does not break anything crucial in the library, it adds some experimental features, which are not robust. I will try to bring it up to date with current master repository and remove some defunct features soon, but still use it at your own risk.


@darksnake Thanks for the info.