1.1.4 Multi-platform common module: "org.junit.Test" deprecated, but "kotlin.test.Test" unavailble


When I build my multi-platform project, a warning is emitted for the common module about using org.junit.Test:

w: ...\common\src\test\kotlin\mp\CommonClassTest.kt: (3, 18): 'typealias Test = Test' is deprecated. Use 'Test' from kotlin.test package

If I change the import to kotlin.test.Test, the build fails. Which is easy to explain because kotlin-test-common-1.1.4.jar does not contain this type.

Is this a known issue, or should I create an issue?


I’ve created the related issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-19696. Feel free to vote or star it to get notifications about updates.


Regarding to the warning: probably we should not remove this typealias from JS side until the issue is not fixed.