1.2-M1 no js GCE included?

I recall somebody from JetBrains telling there is already kotlin specific GCE implementation in unreleased version. Compiling with 1.2-M1 produces same size js output as 1.1.3 though.
So any news about optimising js output and stdlib?

DCE will be available in 1.1.4 (an it is already available in 1.1.4-dev builds on bintray). As for 1.2, I don’t know, perhaps in the next milestone. And yes, this tool is not automatic, i.e. kotlinc-js won’t produce smaller JS. Instead, you have to feed these large JS files to a separate tool (kotlin-dce-js). Wait for 1.1.4, all corresponding documentation will be available then.

will this tool be available as maven artefact or sdk will be needed to use it?