A register of language features by ... "definitely not", "up for discussion", "post 1.0"


For me I’d love to see a single document listing various language features that fall into the various categories of:

  • Post 1.0 - Yes we intend to include this post 1.0 release
  • Up for discussion - Community puts forward the best arguments for/against a language feature
  • Definately not - We have considered the feature and explicitly do not want to include it

I’m not sure if it would be useful but it might be a good way to collect / merge community feedback.  I saw a post and comment the other day on the Ternary operator and thought … ‘I wonder if that is up for discussion or a definately not’.

It just seems that 1.0 might not be too far off and maybe it would be a good thing to do.

Cheers, Rob.

Sorry, I'm not ready to invest the neseeary effort into composing and maintaining this kind of list at the moment. But it's a good idea for the future

Finish 1.0, then talk