A simple database, array, XML,...?

(And if I am in the wrong place, I do apologise.)

I want to create ~100 (or so) ‘instants’ of various pieces of data for Android Kotlin app.

For example (Name, Country, City, Age) :

0, Donald, America, Washington, 72

1, May, UK, London, 62

2, Kovindndia, India, 62, New Delhi, 73

3, Merkel, Germany, Berlin, 64

4, Marcrn, France, Paris, 39

So, to create this, what is the easiest way - should I be using an Array, XML,…?

Any chance of an example please?

Many thanks!

Sorry, but you question could not be answered in its current form, because there is no description, what you want to achieve and how you want to use it. I do not think it is related to kotlin or any language. Just basic design or common sense question.


What I am trying to do is an app with

A Left and Right buttons.

The details from one of the people are displayed on the screen (eg Kovomdnd, India…),

If you click Left button: the screen displayed the next person’s details (eg Kovomdnd -> May, UK…)

If you click Right button: the screen displays the next person (eg May -> Kovomdnd).

If they hits the end of the list, it goes to the other end (eg: Donald -> Marcrn)

Ultimately I would want an option to enter a search option – eg: enter the name or country, etc., and the screen displays the appropriate detail (eg enter “Merkel”, and the screen shows the details “…Germany,…”

That’s pretty much it!

Let me know if I need to make it clear please.