Access maven project properties from kotlin script

I’m trying to run a kotlin script to start a test container as part of my maven build using the the kotlin maven plugin goal script. I was following the example here:executeKotlinScriptFile.

It seems to work, but I am having trouble finding an example of accessing the project properties in the script from the maven project. i.e.

    val dbTag ="dbTag")
    .... do some stuff ..."db.url", jdbcUrl)

The above code results in Unresolved reference project. I tried with Project but that didn’t help

Is there any examples of getting and setting the project properties from the script?


Found it!!!. In case anyone else is looking

import org.jetbrains.kotlin.maven.ExecuteKotlinScriptMojo

val mojo = ExecuteKotlinScriptMojo.INSTANCE

val dbTag ="dbTag")

..."db.url", jdbcUrl)