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what Actor Framework can you recommand. Does Kotlin work with Akka? I need a rock stable framework with momentum and production customers.



how about VertX?


Sorry, perhaps I wasnt clear. I meant an ACTOR framework a la Erlang/Akka, not a web framework.


I don’t think VertX is just a web framework, but I don’t know if it supports the actor model.

Kotlin is fully compatible (afaik) with java and libraries written for the JVM, so (again afaik) it shouldn’t have any issues working with Akka.

Also, maybe Quasar might work for you? I know it definitely works with Kotlin, and has some extensions that take advantage of Kotlin’s features.


Vertx is not a web framework. You may want to have a look to “Verticle” class in the core-module. It acts quite a lot like an actor in actor-model.


Thanks. But Vert.x is really not what i am looking for. Its not suitable for the job/architecture envisioned. So again, has anyone had luck integration with TypeSafe Akka ?


Sounds like you are looking for quasar

//edit I see @CodeAnxiety already suggested that to you.


You can use Akka Java API in your Kotlin program, see this sample Akka project that developed using Kotlin.


Hello there!

  • Kotlin works with Akka, we are using it for multiple microservices
  • I could not get quasar to work. I wasnt able to tell if that was like a 1-man project? Sounded interesting. There is also a quasar+kotlin github repo, but nothing worked for me, the JVM crashed I think on me when I tried.
  • vertx is not an actor pattern framework afaik
  • MS Azure also has their own actor framework (not just for C#) - service fabric reliable actors. Unknown if it works with Kotlin

Our team is using Java EE (JAX-RS, CDI), Akka, Kafka (akka-streams-kafka).


Vert.x’s concurrency model is Agent (comes from reactive programming) based, which is very similar to the Actor model. If you have done multi-threading on the JVM before then Vert.x’s concurrency model will be very easy to get into (some things are done in a similar way to threads).