Add parameters in constructor for viewmodel?

I have the following ViewModel with a second constructor:

class MaleActivityViewModel() : ViewModel() {
    val currency: String = Resources.getSystem().getString(R.string.currency)
    private lateinit var serviceTextListMale: List<String>
    private lateinit var serviceImageAdapter: CarouselPicker.CarouselViewAdapter

    constructor(activity: Context) : this() {
        //Text list of all the services
        val haircut: String = Resources.getSystem().getString(R.string.service_haircut)
        val massage: String = Resources.getSystem().getString(R.string.service_massage)
        serviceTextListMale = listOf(haircut, massage)

        //Carousel builder
        val imageItems: MutableList<CarouselPicker.PickerItem> = ArrayList()
        serviceImageAdapter = CarouselPicker.CarouselViewAdapter(activity, imageItems, 0)


How do I call it in the activity class? Currently I have this, but would like to pass in the activity argument too:

viewModel = ViewModelProvider(this).get(