Add something like "JS Promise" to STD for JDK 6/Android users


Async/Await is very cool, but on Android we can’t use CompletableFuture.
Can you add some VERY-LIGHT-BASE (2-3 classes) support for Promises as alternative to CompletableFuture?

We only need some basic-core implementations.
For this core we (android devs) can write some extensions by ourselves.

OR maybe i don’t know better solution (NOT RxJava)?

I propose “promise” to avoid conflicts with namespaces of standard libraries.


Look streamsupport-cfuture


Thanks! I already checked this library.
It’s main flaw that author don’t create separate module only with “CompletableFuture” (without dependencies).

Now his module for completable future
depend to core library with "ALL stream classes"
this is 1 MB of class thats i don’t need, because i use standard Java List/Array + Kotlin extensions


In my opinion you should open an issue on github.


You might be interested in my promises library