Adding object of data class to arraylist that is a parameter of another data class

My addMeal function expects a restaurant/YelpRestaurant (that was previously selected by the user… see images)

How do I pass that selected restaurant in?? Hope this is very simple and I am overthinking it

This is my first kotlin android project so apologies for stupidity.

----Data classes----

data class YelpSearchResult(
@SerializedName ("total") val total: Int,
@SerializedName ("businesses") val restaurants: List<YelpRestaurant>

data class YelpRestaurant(

val name: String,
val rating: Double,
val price: String,
@SerializedName("review_count") val numReviews: Int,
@SerializedName("image_url") val imageUrl: String,
val categories: List<YelpCategory>,
val location: YelpLocation,
val meals: ArrayList<UserMeals> = ArrayList()

data class UserMeals (
    val mealName: String,
    val mealPrice: Double,
    val mealThoughts: String

I’m only interested in the meals list and the UserMeals data class

---- Activity ----

class ThoughtsActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

lateinit var mealName : String
lateinit var mealPrice : String
lateinit var mealThought : String
lateinit var addedMeal : UserMeals

override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

thoughtBtn.setOnClickListener() {

    mealName = m_name.text.toString()
    mealPrice = m_price.text.toString()
    mealThought = m_thought.text.toString()

    val addedMeal = UserMeals(mealName,mealPrice.toDouble(),mealThought)


    val intent = Intent(this,
    intent.putExtra("MEALNAME", mealName)
    intent.putExtra("PRICE", mealPrice)
    intent.putExtra("MEALTHOUGHT", mealThought)

fun addMeal(restaurant: YelpRestaurant){

Not certain what the question is. Seems like a general Android Activity question, more than Kotlin.
Try the docs: Activity
This may help for your scenario: Getting a result from an activity