Allow infix calls for functions with default parameter values


With Kotlin M12 it's not possible to use function as an infix call when it has default parameters, e.g.:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {   3.increment {println(it)} // works   3 increment {println(it)} // doesn't compile }

fun Int.increment(value :Int = 1, result: (Int) -> Unit) = result(this + value)

I would like to see that infix calls with default paramters is possible because it simply saves me an overload if I want to support both. Though I don’t know if this leads to technicall impossiblities or whether it’s considered undesireable in any other way.

So what I would like to know what your stance on this is?


We could support it at some point, I think, but no clear plan on this yet.


forgot to say thanks, so: thanks!