AMDeviceSecureInstallApplicationBundle Start iOS from AndroidStudio

Reason: AMDeviceSecureInstallApplicationBundle failed with err = -402653177(The argument is invalid.)

Any idea? When I start from Xcode, everything works!!

This issue seems familiar: Most probably this is about your developer ID being not trusted on the device.

yes thx, as far as I see there is no solution?

The solution is to open the device’s Settings -> General -> Profiles and push the Trust button. The same way it should be done for an ordinary Xcode project, see this SO question for example. If you’re asking about the issue, I would say that there is no UX improvement there yet. Frendlier message should help here a lot. However, I’m not sure such thing can be done from the IDE, it is about the particular device’s security.

Thx Artyom for helping, but does not help.

The profile was not there, though I can install it via xCode, so I installed the certificate myself. But still same error.

Sorry, but I’m confused a bit. In your case, installing the app using Xcode works with no errors(no need to trust the developer), but the same app being run from Android Studio fails, and even this Profiles menu is inaccessible?

Yes. No Menü, but same App with XCode starts!! But not with AS