Analyzer skips an obvious error and application crashes in a runtime

Hello everyone. I wrote a topic about unexpected analyzer behavior yesterday. The topic describes about unexpected behavior of the Kotlin code analyzer when i use Realm library.

After discuss, I started investigate this problem more deeper and now I’ve got a lot of questions and suspicions. Now Realm library doesn’t affect to the problem, and this problem became only language specific. Please, look at the images below.


On this line i’ve got “The spread operator (*foo) may not be applied to an argument of nullable type” error.

The same error’s here.

And here’s no error. This line crashes an application in a runtime with a NPE when a JVM tries to get a length of the array.
I’ve got a 1.3.10 Kotlin release and got the same behavior with 1.3.20.
Thanks for attention.

Reproduced only with the experimental new inference and reported If you feel that your case is actually different, please file a separate issue at Thanks.