Android Studio adds non-null assert call incorrectly for maps


Having something like:

data class Article(...)
data class Blog(
    val articles: Map<String, Article>

private lateinit var blog: Blog

// ... loading Blog from JSON

fun getArticle(id: String): Article {
    return blog.articles[id]

IDE reports correctly that I can’t return blog.articles[id] since it can be null and I specified return type as non-null and suggests a) to change the return type to Article? or b) add non-null assert call.

When I use ALT+ENTER on the line return blog.articles[id] and select Add non-null assert (!!) call, I get:

return blog.articles!![id]

which is incorrect and should be:

return blog.articles[id]!!

PS: It works correctly when the line is return blog.articles.get(id), so this issue is related to the indexed access operator.