Android support forever?

Hi, I'm Android developer and use Kotlin at both private & enterprise products. Kotlin make me happy on Android coding better than Android Java :)

I wonder, however, Kotlin supports Android for long periods of time. (especially Jack & Jill, long follow/support for Android JVM)
Do you have any plan of that?

No one can promise that something will be supported "forever". It's possible to imagine a situation where Google would make some changes to the Android platform that would make it impossible or unfeasibly expensive for Kotlin to target it.

So far we’ve invested a lot of effort into Android support, and we have no plans to abandon this investment. We do plan to support targeting Java 6 as long as it is required for Android development. Jack and Jill do not affect Kotlin in any way, because they are an alternative way to generate the same Dalvik VM bytecode which is generated by dx for Kotlin-compiled code.

Thanks for your reply.

It’s true that there is no permanent platform, but I’m glad to know Kotlin is now eager to follow Android platform.
I also understand how Kotlin generate Dalvik VM bytecode.

I continue to use Kotlin on Android for a while, and contribute Kotlin :slight_smile: