[ANN] funKTionale 0.4_M9


A new version for funKTionale for M9 and with a new implementation for partial applied functions.

import org.funktionale.partials.*
//use explicit typing for clarity sake
val prefixAndPostfix: (String, String, String) -> String = {(prefix:String, x:String,postfix:String) -> "${prefix}${x}${postfix}"}  

//passing just the third parameter will return a new function (String, String) -> String
val prefixAndBang: (String, String) -> String = prefixAndPostfix(p3 = “!”)

//passing just the first parameter will return a new function (String) -> String
val hello: (String) -> String = prefixAndBang(p1 = "Hello, ")

assertEquals(hello(“funKTionale”),“Hello, funKTionale!”)

Check the docs here https://github.com/MarioAriasC/funKTionale/wiki/Partial-application