Announcement: Kotlin in your career and on LinkedIn


Last week, a new group was created on LinkedIn for Kotlin Developers.  This is a place to showcase jobs that desire skills in Kotlin, to showcase those professionals active in the community, and to help move Kotlin into a level of recognition it deserves -- Kotlin is going into production with companies, and is becoming another facet of many JVM developer's skills.  This group is in no way replacing this forum, and is more for professional discussions around the use of Kotlin than for technical assistance.  

As part of the group launch, a contest was born giving away a free copy of IntelliJ IDEA 13 once we have enough momentum on LinkedIn for the “Kotlin” keyword to be recognized as a searchable term within profiles, and to appear as an auto-complete term for skills and endorsements.

Read more in the group welcome message and about the contest on LinkedIn.