Announcing Kobalt (alpha): a new build system

Hi everyone,

Kobalt is a new build system entirely written and driven in Kotlin. I’m opening up the alpha and hoping to get some early users, developers or even just feedback on the general direction and architecture.

You can find all the details on Kobalt’s home page:


This sounds cool. Gradle is recently my build system of choice, which means I hate it less than others. I could see how using a less wild language would be nice for a build system.

I enjoy that Gradle is, in principle, a language/platform agnostic build system. Though unlike Make, it seems to force you to jump through at least a few more hoops to change the compiler (especially if that compiler is for an “unsupported” language) - I’m all for plugins and obeying conventions where it makes sense, but I felt that using a C-like compiler was a lot of trouble in Gradle (it wasn’t C, thus the trouble).