Any chance of implementing opaque type aliases?

Currently when you create a type alias it’s (AFAICT) purely syntactic sugar for the most part useful in reducing the amount of typing around generics.

What would be nice is a way to create a fully fledged type as an alias for some existing type. For example, I have a custom GUID with some standard factory methods but I want to have an OrderID, ProductID, etc. to al be GUIDs without needing to replicate all the code and without needing to effectively create a composite or other workaround.

Right now I can use type alias but nothing therefore stops me from interchanging the different aliases.

You can just use inheritance.

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Hi. Yes that would be the way to go except that it doesn’t work when you have factory methods.

Having ‘distinct types’ as opposed to ‘typealiases’ is something which is being considered as a future feature using ‘inline classes’ as the vehicle.

Check out this recent topic towards the end.

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