Are Sequences biting me with javacv frame reading?


I thought I’d be all cool making a Kotlin sequence from the frames of a video. But the last image seems to clobber everything. This is very odd - maybe with how Sequences are evaluated in a lazy fashion, fighting with how internal memory is handled by Frames? Clearly I’m missing something, I thought that the immediate convert to BufferedImage would side-step any issues.

This example snippet will write the 500th frame out to both first.png and last.png - which is bad.

fun main() {
    val converter: FrameConverter<BufferedImage> = Java2DFrameConverter()
    val grabber = FFmpegFrameGrabber("")
    println("Opened video: ${grabber.imageWidth} x ${grabber.imageHeight} ${grabber.pixelFormat}")

    val frames = sequence<BufferedImage> {
        while (true) {
            yield(converter.convert(grabber.grabImage() ?: break))

    val first500 = frames.take(500).toList()
    ImageIO.write(first500.first(), "png", File("first.png"))
    ImageIO.write(first500.last(), "png", File("last.png"))

crossposted to javacv github.