Auto import in idea not working when using a custom Kotlin Javascript Library from a Kotlin Javascript project


When I use a custom javascript library in a custom javascript project the included project doesn’t seem to be indexed correctly.

For example, when I try to use a class from the library then idea won’t know where to import it from (it wont know the class). After I add the import statement manually all the autocomplete functions work without a problem and everything is fine.

I am using 1.1.0-beta-18. Here is the javascript library:

And here is the project that uses it:

Does anyone know how I can solve this?

Btw, a good example of how to do this (creating and using a JavaScript library in Kotlin) would be appreciated. A lot of examples I found online are for older kotlin versions.


In case anyone stumbles on the same problem, it was happening because the sources where added twice to the jar file, which apparently confused idea.