Autocomplete method documentation template in IntelliJ


When I start creating a java doc for a method in Java in IntelliJ, InteilliJ with autocomplete the template with the relevant entries for the parameters and return. In Kotlin, this doesn’t happen. Is there a reason it doesn’t autocomplete and can I enable it somehow (I couldn’t find the section in preferences to configure it)?


The reason is that we found that referring to parameter names from the documentation text allows to write documentation that is more concise and easier to read compared to the traditional javadoc style where every parameter is documented in a separate tag. Therefore, we do not generate the template with parameter names by default.


Okay, thanks. Do you have an example of the style being used? The current Kotlin doc page makes it look like it should be the Java way, but I’d like to try and stay consistent with standard Kotlin styles.


The Kotlin standard library documentation uses this style quite consistently.


Okay, I’ll poke around it some more. Thanks!