Boiler plate code with nested for loops

Would it make sense to extend the language to simplify nested for loops?
I have often loops like
for (x in 0 until sizeX)
for (y in 0 until SizeY)
{do something with x and y}
Wouldn’t it be nice to have this reduced to:
for (x in 0 until sizeX, y in 0 until sizeY) {…} ?

No, please consider the repeat(Int) function or your own repeat(Int, Int).

That’s almost no difference to:

for (x in 0 until sizeX) for(y in 0 until sizeY) {

Yes, I agree that it wouldn’t be exactly a quantum leap in more efficiency. It would be just a consequent continuation of the philosophy.

It would definitely give more flexibility. Indeed.

No, because that would be an additional language feature to learn (and support in the docs and in the compiler and in IDEs and so on) without giving an advantage that would be worth it.

Also it wouldn’t be clear if this gives 0;0 0;1 0;2 1;0 1;1 1;2 and so on or 0;0 1;1 2;2 and so on.

Apart from that, nested for loops like these typically have O(n²) complexity and should be avoided most of the time. Or at least they should be obvious to see and not “hidden”.

Yes, These are good arguments, that I can relate to - especially the reasoning about comlexity. I think we can close the discussion.