Build Failure while using @Parcelize with Android AC Room's @Entity

What is the correct way to parcelize(maybe using @Parcelize) a data class annotated with @Entity from Android’s Room.

Straight forward implementation results in build failure with following message as shown in the screen shot:

Sample Code i used:

@Entity(tableName = "foo")
data class Foo(@PrimaryKey @ColumnInfo(name = "foobar1") val foobar1: Int,
                       @ColumnInfo(name = "foobar2") val foobar2: Int) : Parcelable {
// Parcelable's impl

This way works for me.

import android.os.Parcelable

@Entity(tableName = "movie")
class Movie(
        @PrimaryKey(autoGenerate = false)
        val id: Int = 0,
        val overview: String = "",
        val popularity: Double = 0.0,
        val title: String = "",
) : Parcelable {
    constructor() : this(0) {