Build simple android application from Linux Command line

Colleagues could you help with the question?
I have a simple android application on Git. My goal is to download code and build it on the Linux machine (mint without IDE and not so fast hardware).
I’ve fount articles for Android-Java and Native Kotlin, but I cannot find an example for Android-Kortlin app.
Maybe somebody have the similar experience.

There’s no difference between building and Android application written in Java or one written in Kotlin. Furthermore the offical documentation is very well done, I’d recommend reading it before launching into projects. Furthermore this question is not related to Kotlin at all.

Anyway, make sure you have java installed (preferably the JDK 1.8) and the Android SDK with it’s environment variables set up properly.

Then, use the git command line to download the project and inside the directory call gradlew assemble.

It will build all apks of all flavours/build types (inside build/outputs if I remember correctly).
If you want to build just few, say release and debug, go for gradlew assembleRelease assembleDebug.

Thank you for your comment, I’ll try