Calling protected static methods

Is there a way to call a protected static method from a derived class in kotlin?

I am extending android.widget.LinearLayout and I’d like to call protected static int mergeDrawableStates from android.view.View (LinearLayout extends View, but not directly).

Yes, this is known problem. Fill free to vote this issue (also there is a temporary workaround)

The workaround is to create an intermediary class in java with either:   - a non-static method forwarding the call to the protected static method   - a public static method forwarding the call to the protected static method. I have used that workaround in the past, but was looking for something better.

For this particular case, I ended up duplicating the functionality of the static method (it’s static and didn’t need to be inside View, and it’s only a few lines long).

Another obvious workaround is to use reflection to call it.