Can Not Parse Json Response using Retrofit and Moshi

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  • The [ViewModel] that is attached to the [NewsHomeFragment].
    class NewsViewModel : ViewModel() {

    // The internal MutableLiveData String that stores the most recent response
    private val _response = MutableLiveData()

    // The external immutable LiveData for the response String
    val response: LiveData
    get() = _response


    • Call getMarsRealEstateProperties() on init so we can display status immediately.
      init {


    • Sets the value of the status LiveData to the Mars API status.
      private fun getMarsRealEstateProperties() {
      _response.value = NewsApi.retrofitService.getProperties().enqueue(
      object: Callback {
      override fun onFailure(call: Call, t: Throwable) {
      _response.value = "Failure: " + t.message

           override fun onResponse(call: Call<NewsData>, response: Response<NewsData>) {
               _response.value = response.body().toString()


private val moshi = Moshi.Builder()

private val retrofit = Retrofit.Builder()

interface NewsApiService {
fun getProperties():

object NewsApi {
val retrofitService : NewsApiService by lazy {
retrofit.create( }

//Json response from the webservice

//image of how the data appears on my device

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