Can't seem to iterate over a list



Having a very strange issue. I want to iterate over strings in a mutable list. But getting the error message:

“For-loop range must have an ‘iterator()’ method”.

A second Variant:


myList is a mutable property and it can be changed after the null check (as the second message clearly tells), that’s why compiler doesn’t allow smart-cast in the subsequent usages.

Therefore myList remains nullable, so one can’t invoke on it the size property or the iterator() function required for the for-loop convention.

You can capture it in a local val-variable and then check that for null. For a local variable compiler can prove that it cannot be changed after the check.


Thanks !! Makes total sense now.

I feel foolish.


It would make sense to use the extension List?.orEmpty()

If the list is null it will return an empty List