Companion object after upgrade from M14 to 1.0Beta

All happens on android device running lollipop but I presume, it's applicable on "normal" JVM as well.


interface IStatic

open class Static(x: IStatic) {
  fun doSth(){}
class ConcreteWithStatic : IStatic {
  companion object : Static(ConcreteWithStatic())

Run this in a way that kotlin part is run before java's




// must be executed after Kotlin's code with doSth()

ConcreteWithStatic.Companion.doSth(); //crashes as here ConcreteWithStatic.Companion is null

If there was no execution of doSth() in Kotlin preceeding Java execution, everything works seemlessly. If doSth() in Kotlin was executed before! Java's code, Java sees companion object as null

Thanks for the report, this issue will be fixed ASAP

awesome :)  can't wait