Compilation error using generics in Java classes inherited from Kotlin classes

Hello, I am working on an Android project that combines Kotlin and Java (generated code by Room library). I am trying to do some generic data access objects.
In Kotlin, this code compiles correctly:

data class Entity(val name: String = "")  
interface ExampleBaseInterface<T: Any> {  
    fun foo(): Flow<T>  
abstract class ExampleAbstract<T: Any>: ExampleBaseInterface<T> {  
    override fun foo(): Flow<T> = TODO()  
abstract class ExampleAbstractList<T: Any>: ExampleBaseInterface<List<T>> {  
    override fun foo(): Flow<List<T>> = TODO()  
class ExampleClassList: ExampleAbstractList<Entity>()

When using Room library it generates Java code that looks similar to this example -it also gives a compilation error without Room, writing the Java class manually-:

public class ExampleJava extends ExampleAbstractList<Entity> { ... }

This code generates a compilation error ExampleJava is not abstract and does not override abstract method foo() in ExampleBaseInterface

If I change foo(): Flow<List<T>> in the interface it works but my intention is to be able to use foo() with T and with List<T> parameters like the Kotlin example. Do you know if it is possible?