Compilation failed: Cyclic dependency in library graph even tho there isn't

I am building a multiplatform wrapper for Firebase (which is not really ready yet), I got this error that says that all fies in project :auth have a cyclic dependency over :core.
Now the project has indeeed a :core project which is imported from every other project, but :core itself does not depends on any other project in the build.

Here’s some data:

I don’t really see any declared cyclic dependency in my buildscript. Is there any K/MPP expert that can help me pinpoint the cause?

EDIT: Oh well, it’s a Kotlin/Native compiler plugin bug!

Did you try to see output of gradle ::dependencies task? It is not actually a kotlin error.

I always forget the Gradle goodness! I’ve added the build scan link in the main post, also here’s the dependencies, I’ll look into them right now! Thanks for the advice.

EDIT 1: Maybe here?

EDIT 2: I found no cyclic dependency analyzing the dependency tree :roll_eyes:
I suspect (with no actual proofs) that may be cause by my other library which publishes Firebase iOS Framework cinterops for K/N (link to build scan highlight), but it’s just a blind guess. Nope…

EDIT 3: I noticed that IntelliJ says that :auth iosArm64 source sets depends on themselves, but I’m not sure if that is an error since the same happens to :core but builds normally (link to image).

EDIT 4: Oh well, it’s a Kotlin/Native compiler plugin bug!

EDIT 5: I tried to publish :core and then import it from Maven for :auth, but same error! I believe at this point that the error is related to the Gradle metadata.