Compiler Error -> target wasm32



I downloaded the native windows 0.4 trying to compile to wasm32. As start I just use a simple main prtln Hello World example. Im not using any IDE, just plain command line directly from the compiler’s bin dir.

This compiles to an exe file that executes and prints to screen, so far so good.

When setting compiler option to -target wasm32 the compiler aborts

exception: Unknown target: wasm. Use -list_targets to see the list of available targets


konanc -list_targets gives mingw: (default)

thats it. The compiler version is

kotlinc-native 1.1.60-dev-299 (JRE 1.8.0_152-b16)


The distribution you downloaded doesn’t have wasm support, I think you’ll need to build from source to cross-compiling.


Thats very pity. I dont have the infrastructure for building from scratch.
Unfortunately the post of Nov. 16th from Nikolay Igotti does not say anything about that.
Also documentation is very sparse, where can I find more info?


I don’t think it really requires much infrastructure, it downloads precompiled binaries for a lot of stuff (such as llvm). The details are in the readme files at the top level f the github project. There are also basic samples for wasm and other platforms.