Compiler plugin sample only works with 1.0.6


Since a couple of days ago I’ve been trying to create a Kotlin compiler plugin with referring to

I just created a tiny example, but the thing is that this sample only works with Kotlin 1.0.6.
If I update Kotlin version to 1.0.7 and up it will causes error that says:

JAR entry META-INF/services/org.jetbrains.kotlin.compiler.plugin.ComponentRegistrar

I’m pretty newbie around compiler module so have a low confidence about this behavior is intended or not.
Do you have any thoughts about it?


Compiler plugins are designed to solve the specific set of problems that they’re currently solving and not intended to use as a general purpose extensibility mechanism for the compiler.


Thank you.
I certainly know that it’s not for a general purpose, I just toyed around with and researched a possibility of it :pray:
And what I wanted to clarify is that it depends on specific Kotlin version or not, just in case because I found it only works with 1.0.6 :slight_smile:


The project is open-source, so you’re certainly welcome to play with the code, but we won’t provide any support or assistance in this area.


Thx I thought it might help you folks so it’s okay to leave for sure.